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The Peach Hill Way

School Rules- The 4 R's

A good citizen:

is Respectful of rights and property of others.

  • Respect is treating others as you would like to be treated.
  • Respect is being considerate of other people's feelings.
  • Respect means recognizing the value of people, property, the environment and yourself.

is Responsible for making good choices.

  • Responsibility is being dependable and accountable for your words and actions.
  • Responsibility is also doing your best and never blaming others for your mistakes.
  • Being responsible for a job means that you are the one who makes sure it is done correctly and on time.

is Ready to learn.

  • Come to school ready to learn and work hard.
  • Maintain regular school attendance and be on time.
  • Bring necessary materials and completed assignments every day.
  • Be courteous and cooperative with all adults and other students.
  • Follow all classroom, school, district and state regulations and laws.
  • Communicate regularly with parents and teachers about school experiences so that they can help me be successful in school.
  • Read and study after school every day.

Resolves conflicts honestly and fairly.

  • Speak to the person. (Tell him/her how you feel)
  • Offer your solutions. (Share ideas)
  • Listen to each other. (Take turns)
  • Value and respect each other. (Everyone is important)
  • End with a solution and a smile. (Everybody wins)